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**Don’t forget to add us on Facebook and follow us on Twitter under the name “Storm Chase Media”! Also, make sure to check out and download the recently released TVNWeather app for iOS and Android devices. This app enables you to easily watch us, as well as many other chasers, during severe weather events!**

When chasing live, the video player above will display a “play” symbol. Click it to watch us live!

- Additionally –

You can click the “LIVE STREAM” tab on the menu  to view our live chase stream IN ADDITION TO a live map showing our current location. Additionally, whenever we are chasing live, the “Chase Status” box will update to let everyone know that we are streaming!***

***I am proud to announce that Storm Chase Media is now be streaming with Reed Timmer’s (Star of Discovery Channel’s Storm Chasers) TVNweather for all of our future chases!!! What does this mean for viewers? A more dependable LIVE stream, the ability to actually see us live on the map WITH radar, AND full smartphone integration! This means that from now on, instead of having to log onto your desktop, you can now watch our chase streams directly from your smart phone (YES, IPHONES INCLUDED)!!!

Thanks to everyone for all of your support!!